Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One week later.

Hello! Last night I went to see Taylor Swift at the MEN Arena in Manchester. She was absolutely incredible, as expected. I've been a huge fan of her since 2007 when she was starting out big in America and I remember sitting with my friend listening to 'Teardrops On My Guitar' professing how good we thought she was and that we thought she should get a propper chance in the music industry. And now here she is, selling out arenas and stadiums across the world. It makes me feel proud to watch how far she is going and she deserves every little thing that comes to her. Her vocals were amazing, her overall performance was breathtaking and she is one of the most down to earth women in the industry. I also had a little cry to 'Back To December' as I can relate to that so so so much. At one point, she walked through the crowd and moved to the stage at the back of the arena, it was so wonderful of her to think of everybody in the room, not just the lucky ones at the front. A load of screaming fans ran down the tier, jumping over the seats to get to the barrier so they could touch her and I think it's safe to say I GOT TRAMPLED. It was so funny, except when everybody had moved back and somebody had puked all over our row of seats and my bag! Definitely disgusting. I'm still smiling thinking about the show, I wish I could do it all over again ... and if you ever get a chance to see her live, definitely do it!

Payday came around this past week and I bought a cute little outfit which completely suited my summery mood!

Hat: Tesco Everything Else: Topshop

The sun has been shining a lot recently which means a happy me! I decided to go to the Water Park for a catch up with my best friend the other day and it felt really good to be able to wear a t-shirt without a cardigan (little things make me smile). We perched on some decking overlooking the lake and just had a really long chat which I needed.

Today I am going to write and go for a run later, have a good day
love laura x

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