Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Two months later

Hello! Well, well, well, would you look at that. Two months later and i'm finally making my next post. Shame on me. Anyway, to those of you who read this (and the very very minimal that is) how are you all? My past two months have been really hectic. From arguing to moving out to heartbreak to hospital visits and much more unecessary rubbish in between! Luckily, i've bounced back from all of that and am feeling very positive at the moment. As Rihanna says ever so predominantly, 'Don't let the bastards get you down.'

I'm ever so sorry if that has made you all hungry; it is currently set as my Blackberry background so everytime I look at my phone my mouth waters crazily. Not really a good idea huh? This past month I must have devulged this same meal over 5 times and although one of my New Years resolutions was to stop wasting money doing this exactly, I can't resist!

To Order: Italian Mozzarella & Slow Roast Tomato Panini, Cinnamon Swirl and a Signature Hot Chocolate.

Also last month was my 17th birthday and I finally got my provisional drivers license; I can't wait to start my driving lessons! I didn't really do much on the day as payday was just four days away so instead I waited until the weekend after and went clubbing in my local town. I was pretty impressed when I didn't get ID'd once anywhere whilst all of my friends who are actually legal (some even 25-30 years old) did. This definitely set me smug for the night. It was a lot of fun, a whole bunch of people I work with came out too and we all got extremely drunk and danced before finishing the night off eating pizza on the floor of Tastebuds!
 I also spent a day at waterworld swimming and riding the slides which was pretty awesome, and I have a party coming up on Friday which should be good. Tomorrow I am home alone all day which means I can procrastinate on doing something productive, browse tumblr and get set on finally starting my book which I need to have completed by the end of 2011! Do any of you have any goals to complete before the end of the year? If so comment and let me know :) Hope you are all happy and well.
love laura x

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