Friday, April 22, 2011

Pouring out my life

Warning: Photo filled post.
Hello, today I am smiling despite feeling like complete and utter rubbish. You'd think that with the weather being so hot the last thing you'd catch is a cold, but nope, here I am sniffling away! I'm currently extremely tired but enjoying every bit of free time I get after working a 7 day streak, bank holidays and the weekends which strangely I'm enjoying. I kind of got sick of sitting around all day feeling lazy and being bored so getting out and having that feeling of actually accomplishing something throughout the day feels good. I also am happy that I will be earning more £££ so I can take my driving lessons and save for a car - yay!

Yesterday I went to the waterpark again to soak up some sunshine with one of my best friends, we were happily eating our ice creams and minding our own business when we saw a poor boy run past with blood dripping from his face calling out 'I don't want to fight anymore' with a mob of around 30 guys running after him. It was so heartbreaking to watch them run up to him, throw him on the floor and start kicking him - what has the world come to nowadays?! The police showed up in the end and the boy was okay, despite this we managed to enjoy ourselves!

Here are some photos I took one cold night in the past few weeks. My two friends Kim and Chelsea decided to come and let me take a few shots and I liked the overall look of them. I am kinda obsessed with the vintage film effect at the moment so all of my photos look old when they're really your standard SLR digital ;)

A few random shots:

For now, I am going to watch 'Remember Me' (again) and cry over the soppy, cliche, romantic storyline. Bad idea really as I must sleep soon, my alarm is set for 5am for work yuck!! I leave you with this funny photo I took on my Blackberry - hint* there are two cats, not one.

Stay happy, Love Laura x

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