Monday, September 12, 2011

Spend Spend

I'm currently trying to force myself into a no-spending frame of mind and it is hard. Things I've bought and am currently loving this month are Vera Wang's original Princess perfume. It's so yummy. A pair of the Pink Orchid limited edition GHD's and lots of things to begin my scrapbooking.

Not forgetting my beautiful new white iPhone 4! I've been a Blackberry girl for a year now and I dedcided it was time for a change.


A few years ago during art class my teacher brought in a few of her scrapbooks which she'd produced over the years. I was obsessed with them. They were filled with so much art and life I could literally spend hours taking in every little detail of them. A few days ago I sat wondering what I could do to take my mind off of things and give me something to do, and I wondered about making my own scrapbook. After searching the internet for inspirational photos and little bits and bobs to buy I am on my way - So far I've only done the front cover and began two pages but I'm in love with the whole concept!

Today I am off to work until 8pm (yay!!) but I'm feeling pretty positive. The back end of hurricane Katia is hitting Scotland and the North of England today - Very scary and horrible!


  1. gorgeous photos i LOVEE vera wang princess such a gorgeous scent xx

  2. I am loving this post, what lovely pictures. A great cause with the Orchid straighteners too!

  3. I love love love the princess perfume! :)

  4. your scrapbook looks like it's coming along wonderfully :-)


  5. You won't regret moving to an iPhone, I'd be completely lost without mine lol xx

  6. great pictures!
    this has made me want to start my own scrap book!xxxx

  7. seriously great items!
    following you.


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