Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nails, rings & Ed Sheeran!

Do you ever have those moments in life where by you have an obsession with certain things? I'm always having them and after a month or so, it completely vanishes and is replaced by something else. A while ago I had this weird period of time in which I'd buy a bounty (the chocolate bar!) a bottle of oasis and a celebrity magazine. At the same time I went through a stage of buying bracelets. Now, I've moved on to a Twirl (bad! I'm now trying to force myself out of that and into buying a box of fruit instead - so far so good) rings and painting my nails. Since I'm really into art and feel confident at being good in that subject I quite enjoy doing my nails. I purchased an acrylic set off ebay and I love it, it was only £17.99 which is really good considering it costs almost £30.00 each time I get them done professionally.

These are my current nails - I attempted to do the cute leopard print which are the in thing at the moment. Tutorial here. A few other designs I've had recently are the multi-coloured glittery combo, zebra print with pink tips, ladybirds and pikachu with pokeballs! (HOW COOL ARE THEY?!)

My next obsession I'd like to share with you all are rings! I kind of developed a big liking for rings a while ago but only recently actually starting buying a ridiculous amount. If anybody knows any cute sites which sell similar style rings please send them my way! I have a thing at the moment for Primarks jewellery, I'm sure many of you agree that the vintage brass is so cute and in right now. Lastly I must express my profound love for Mr Ed Sheeran's new album +. I advise you all to go and purchase it right now. His voice is just sensational and it's crazy how I can go from being angry to relaxed after just half of one song. He is such a nice guy, he deserves everything he gets.

Keep smiling, xXx


  1. Amazing nails! My faves are the zebra ones, so cute. Loving your blog! x

  2. awwww the pokemon ones are AMAZZZEE :D

  3. Hehe, i go through little phases of being obsessed with things too, hehe! Great nails, like the lady birds best :)

  4. wow wow wow! your nails are amazing, i wish i could do mine like that but i really dont have the patience, haha! especially love the pokemon ones:)
    xo Elly @


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