Sunday, September 18, 2011

Scrapbook Sunday!

So I've seen a few -insert theme here- Sundays floating about, and I decided to do my own. Only this will be the day I blog and show you all how my scrapbook is coming along :) Some weeks I will hardly get any done depending on my shifts at work or how I spend my days off but other weeks I may attempt to finish quite a bit.

After the front cover, and the back of that, this is the first page of my book. I used string and tissue paper to create a textured base paper which I then painted over. I decided to use my favourite quote right now, 'Sometimes you gotta fall before you fly' on this page because it is something that I tell myself everyday and this is a little reminder. On the brown slip of paper I wrote a little introduction in spanish (I know a little bit here and there, I love writing in it as a sort of secret code) and used a photo of myself at the beach because the colours matched beautifully.

The next page I really do not like. I'm thinking about putting tissue paper over the top, painting it and starting over again. It's all a bit too plain and boring for my liking. I aim to fill the book with lots of quotes I've heard and like - this one being 'You're the only one who can fix or ruin everything in an INSTANT.' This is what I need to remind myself all the time, because I ruin so many things in just a split second. And then regret it for weeks after.

I love the next page, it's also my nanna's favourite up to now. I wanted this page to give off a fairy, magical kind of theme. I cut out a photograph of myself and drew/painted the wings on the back. I also really love the colours!

The next two pages took me the longest. I prepped the textured paper first of all by sticking crumpled newpaper all over using PVA. I left it to dry over night and then painted it the next morning. I stuck some tissue paper over it here and there and I loved the overall effect! I wanted these two to look kind of classy but old and vintage looking. I love the results.

I love this quote, 'Either you decide to stay in the shallow end of the pool or you go out in the OCEAN.' because it's true. I myself tend to always float about in the shallow end but continuously moan about how bored I am and how I'm going nowhere. So I recently applied for an apprenticeship in Fashion Photography. I really hope I get it, I think I have a pretty good chance because of my experience and grades so fingers crossed! Exciting.

My nanna's reaction to this was 'What does the rope represent? That you're in prison?' no, nanna it does not. It is simply decoration and I love the way it looks guarded. Kind of like a shield over myself. I am my own person and nobody can change that because I am guarded by these ropes. I don't know, just a little thought. I'm going to eat chocolate cake with custard now and then dye over my ombre hair! I always love going darker for autumn/winter ... back to my beloved dark red. Mwah xXx


  1. Ohh this is such a lovely post!
    Fabulous blog - now following!

  2. The last page is my favourite, great job!

  3. this is such a good idea, i love the first page and the Christopher reeve quote. lovely blog - following! :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie

  4. your scrapbook is so lovely, I especially love the page where you have wings!

  5. amazing!!!!

  6. Your scrapbook is amazing, I bought a scrapbook to begin one over a year ago I have no idea where I even put it anymore. And your nana is hilarious haha :)



  7. Love this idea sweet!
    Am now following your blog.

    x x x


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