Saturday, December 24, 2011

the days before christmas

Ho ho hello! Yay for it being christmas eve! - I have had the busiest day ever today, I have literally just had to take 30 minutes out to come and post this. I had actually planned a really chilled day: a nice bubble bath, christmas movies and mince pie baking but last minutes plans came about. I do love having a big family, I just never know who to present buy for. Turns out family I hadn't bought presents for came round this morning and dropped some off for me thus me feeling bad and having to go tackle the christmas eve madness in the shops (eugh).

After legging it out and rushing around to find more presents for people and several phone calls for help (I am the worst shopper ever) I finally got home and literally fell onto the chair. 5 hours sleep two nights on the run isn't fun! But, after wrapping everything and filling up under the tree I felt much better and finally accomplished. I managed to squeeze in watching Santa Claus 2 and The Polar Express and then decided to try and get my acrylic nails off. I bought the nicest nail polish ever a couple of weeks back, a gold sparkly one (see top photo) but my nails have grew so much my acrylics look completely silly (see top photo again) so I turned to the good old acetone. I got so bored sat on the chair with my fingers in a bowl of it I fell asleep and woke up with weird feeling hands WITH MY NAILS STILL INTACT. They are monsters I am telling you, they will not budge!

My new UGGs also came today yay. I decided to buy myself a christmas present (We're allowed to do that right?) and I love them. Definitely worth the money and the annoying slow post wait. And Wednesday night I went to Liverpool for a friends 18th birthday. We ate at TGIs first and then moved on to the alcohol. I'm not a huge drinker, only every now and then for an occasion, and I definitely went overboard. Everyone was buying me drinks left right and center and being the sneak I am, I accepted and saved myself more money muhaha. It was a really good night, and I definitely paid for it yesterday!

I am off now to hack at my nails and re-paint them with a cute christmassy theme for tomorrow! I'm getting excited now, the front room is feeling cosy and the tree is filled up with presents ... the best thing about christmas eve is the smell of the turkey cooking and the TV! Hope you all have a wonderful christmas and spend it with the people you love :)
Laura xxx


  1. happy holidays !
    very nice blog keep on posting !!
    You Know You Love Fashion
    Virginie Savage

  2. Love your nails in this post! Very festive


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