Monday, December 19, 2011

I am terrible,

I am terrible, I am terrible, I am terrible. I really really am SO terrible. My last post was on the 18th of September ... 3 MONTHS AGO! I told myself over and over again that I would never let myself leave a blog running without posting for that long and I only went and did what I hate! I've not abandoned blogger as such for so long though, I have been coming on regularly having a sneaky peek at all your blogs and attempting to post something interesting enough for you all to read. I just haven't really done anything interesting and my mind has been blank! I also have been hiding in shame and was too embarrassed to finally show up.

Anyway, the good news is that I'm here! The bad news is that I still don't really have anything interesting to post, woops. I abandoned my poor camera too so I am short of photos ... I've turned to my trusty iphone a lot and so I mainly post photos on my instagram account!

For those of you who saw my 'scrapbook sunday' post (and what a shambles that was) I didn't really do much else with it so I don't have any pages to show you except these.

I apologise for the crappy photos, these two pages were just ones in which I stuck four photos down with the description 'Went to Alderley Edge with Kim, the sunset was pretty and the cows were scary xo' Such a fun day! 

These next pages were really rushed and as you can probably tell I had no inspiration at all. The first one I simply painted the birds and stuck a photo down which I took one summers night. The next is a sooc photo which my nanna and I made using a slow shutter speed and a torch!

One of my main highlights from the past three months is passing my driving test! Well, I actually only passed last week but it's the highlight of my year! I'm honestly so so proud of myself and so happy ... I almost burst into tears on my test instructor. He pretended I'd failed at first and then told me he was kidding, I will never be able to explain the emotions I felt .. meany!

I made a little painting recently, I'm going to include it in my scrapbook. It's a photo of my best friend Kelsey and I from June 2009. I live here in England and she lives in Canada. It's kind of funny really, we're like twins, we literally think the same on everything. We are going to be making a joint blog very soon - once we have it up and running I'll post it here :) In the meantime follow her personal blog here

Okay, I promise I will post again soon. I'm off to finish wrapping christmas presents whilst watching 'Snowman's Pass' infront of the fire. I just finished eating chocolate cake and it was yummy.

Thank you to everyone who reads and comments my posts, you are all so lovely.
Laura xxx


  1. Ohh, your sketchbook is so lovely! I should start drawing again properly - not the scrappy little doodles I do.
    Massive congratulations on passing your driving test too!

  2. congratulations on passing your driving test! i adore the painting of you and kelsey and your scrapbook is looking lovely!
    x x x

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    Regardless, I would like to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year!


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