Monday, December 26, 2011


Hey all! My christmas has been really good. I didn't have high hopes this year after everything that has gone on and with me not being at home with my usual family. But my nanna, aunties and uncles all made it an amazing day along with boxing day! I currently feel so stuffed up with food, I'm sure I ate my whole weight ... twice! Here are some photos I took from yesterday and today (I apologise for Bloggers annoying -ruin quality of photo- thing it does). I hope you all had a wonderful christmas! And I'd just like to state that it does not matter how many presents you get, it's the thought that counts and the most important thing is being with people you love. I saw a few rude tweets in which girls were stating 'My dad is a dickhead! You had five months to get me an iphone, where the hell is it!!' etc. I was fuming. Just be grateful that you even have a dad! I got a lot more than I expected this year: pajamas, perfume, art things, a bag and little things like that. And I'm SO grateful. I'm honestly genuinely so so thankful I actually got to spend christmas with people. So all these little girls who were complaining about not getting an iphone ... go get a job and buy one for yourself. And start appreciating things in life more. Okay, mini-rant over! Have a wonderful start to the new year people, I have an exciting post coming up just before then.
Love Laura xxx


  1. I totally agree with you, the worse thing is that when these girls get an iphone, they will focuse in another thing just not appreciating what they already have..
    have a merry christmas!

    you may like my blog :)

  2. Amazing pics and super cute blog!
    Following1 Follow back? <3

  3. awh, it look like you had a wonderful christmas - i love your red dress.
    i passed on the 'versatile blogger' award to you by the way because your blog is lovely, especially after reading / seeing your post with the scrapbook. have a look and see what it's about if you're interested :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie

  4. It lookslike you had such a nice Christmas, even though you couldn't be with your usual family.
    You're right, I think most people are too focused on the gifts part of Christmas!

  5. Love your red dress! Your cat looks exactly like mine haha xx

  6. Love your cream and black jumper, looks lovely on you!

    Shore XX

  7. I also awarded your blog a 'versatile blogger' because I really like it and enjoy reading it!
    ♥ xxx

  8. Love your blog! Great photos!!

  9. lovely pictures, the dress really suits you! so gorgeous. x


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