Friday, December 30, 2011

versatile blogger award

Yay! I found out I got nominated for 'The Versatile Blogger Awards' by two gorgeous ladies Mollie and Tappy - Please go check out their blogs, they are both so wonderful.

The Rules:
1. You must thank the person who awarded you the award including a shout-out with a link on your blog
2. Share seven random facts about yourself
3.Send the award on to fifteen other bloggers whose blogs you like and let them know about it

Seven random facts about myself:
1. I'm really lazy and boring. I guess you could kinda describe me as an oap hiding in a teenage body. I enjoy sitting in by myself reading a book, drawing, listening to music and drinking tea much more than going to hang out with people and going to parties.

2. I'm a little bit of a grammar geek. Don't get me wrong, I often send texts with dodgy spelling (damn iphone autocorrect) but if I'm writing or reading other people's work I find myself subconsciously checking the punctuation and spelling. Quite sad really if you ask me.

3. I try so hard to be somebody who doesn't care what other people think but the truth is I care way too much. So much sometimes I find myself making decisions that I'd never choose on my own, but in fact what I believe other people would do. I'm extremely paranoid and extremely self conscious. People tell me it'll pass as I get older, I hope so!

4. I am a huge fangirl of the TV series 'The Vampire Diaries'. My last major obsession with anything was a few years ago with The Jonas Brothers. In June I travelled to Birmingham and attended The Vampire Diaries convention and it was amazing! Honestly the best weekend I've had in a long time. I met the cast and had a blast, safe to say I came home smiling like a ten year old.

5. My best friend lives in Canada. It's quite funny really, I don't think I've ever had a friend like Kelsey. We're unbelievably close despite the distance and sometimes we get freaked out about how alike we are (twins!). I've met people from different countries and cities before but never kept in contact with them as much! We talk every single day and I wouldn't change it for anything (apart from living closer of course).

6. I constantly make stupid mistakes. Sometimes really huge mistakes and some as small as saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. I've been going through life recently regretting almost every single thing I've done. I'm trying extremely hard to change myself because I realise how mean I've become.

7. I'm really into hard bass gangster music (ha ha ha). I may come across as girly and what not but when I get near a good set of speakers with good bass I turn into a right dancer! I like a lot of music genres really, I've recently gone off rock/indie music and moved onto rap music (really????? I never thought I'd say that).

Since I'm kinda new to this whole blogging thing, I couldn't really choose fifteen people whose blogs I check out daily so I am just going to list the ones I do and which I love!

-Kelsey at gracelessheart
-Kirsty at iceonthesink
-Alice at aisforalice
-Jessica at thatfashionculture
-Linda at mochafrappes
-Rebecca at rebecca--elizabeth

Laura xxx


  1. Aww, that's so sweet of you :) I'm really busy atm, but I will definitely play along when I get the time to do so.
    Will let you know :)
    Love, Lily xx

  2. Awh thank you! This made my morning :D

  3. Thanks so much Laura, I was so excited to receive this :)
    I've now done my post and linked back to you :) xx


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