Saturday, July 20, 2013

hold my hand tight, as the sun goes down

I leave this post blank for a very long time. I walk away from the screen and come back several hours later; I am still stuck with what to write.  I'm enjoying posting my photos mostly, and like to think that other people enjoy them just as much as me. This last week I've also been looking around many more blogs and commenting and it's nice, to interact with other people. 

I've been contemplating doing random photoshoots for people lately. Everything free. I just have a problem in which I have no models. So if anyone is reading this, and would like to let me photograph them, leave a comment!

So, this last week I HELD A FROG! And a tiny one at that, but a very big step. It was the cutest little thing, and so amazing to hold another life so small. It was hard to let him jump back into the grass, I wanted to keep him. Sunsets have been bursting from the sky each night, so I've spent approximately three hours chasing them with Jerry (my camera) and sometimes it pays off. It'd be nice if I could tell you all an amazing story of something cool I've been up to, but sadly I've spent everyday cooped up in an office doing paperwork - fun!



  1. That frog was amazing, just past tadpole almost! And was that fish dead!?

    Don't tag your post as boring- they never are :)
    people read blogs for all sorts of reasons, and I read yours for the amazing peaceful photographs.

    And yes please to being a model for a photoshoot! :D

  2. Urgh, these shots are so gorgeous. I swear you capture every feeling I ever had about summer in the UK. The orange hues as the summer sun dies late in the afternoon. The farmers fields and the country side and the smell of it all as you run through it. Makes me feel very nostalgic. Beautiful work, seriously.

    P.S I answered your question about notebooks over at my blog.

    Have a nice week!

  3. these photographs are beautiful! Wow. The light-its just so perfect.
    I feel you on the models-there never seems to be enough of them!

    Little Blue Backpack

  4. Laura, your blog is absolutely breathtaking. I've had so much joy just sitting here going through your archives. You are soo talented. I love discovering new inspiring blogs, thank you for stopping by and introducing me to this lovely space.

    - Irela
    P.S - Added you on Bloglovin ♥

  5. Your blog is SO pretty, and you take amazing photos!

    Bethany Mae xx

  6. You've always been one of my favourite photographers, and I think you should be proud of how far your photography has progressed because I'm amazed and inspired more and more every time you write a new post! That frog looks adorable! I think it's lovely you have someone special to enjoy the sunsets with :)

    Kirsty xxx

  7. That frog is the TINIEST, cutest thing I think I've ever seen! The photos are all stunning :) and I love how you name your camera :)

    I'm not sure how far away I am from you but I'd definitely volunteer to be model! x

  8. Laura! All of these photos are lovely! I love the peacefulness of these... oh, and the frog. :)

  9. Oh, my gracious!! I am in love with your stills here. They are so serene and peaceful. I agree that both our styles are very similar in some ways, and I am very glad to have stumbled on your little corner of the blogging world. Should you ever be visiting Cali, I would definitely like to have a photoshoot with you. ;)
    Thanks for leaving the sweet note, love. xx

  10. I'm so glad to have found your blog, Laura! Your photography is absolutely phenomenal & the lighting is sooo pretty.
    Ah, a photoshoot sounds lovely! If only I lived in England ;)

    p.s. thank you for the sweet comment on my blog!

  11. Well, good evening! I'm so glad you were on my blog because now i've found yours and i've read every word and am going to scroll down for more! Clearly i'm a fan :) My boyfriend is next to me and agrees your photographs are just beautiful. Just love it all,...right, now how to follow you...


  12. something about little frogs....
    laura, i think your words & photos are GORGEOUS.

  13. Gorgeous pics. I have the same problem, I want to shoot all the time - whenever you're in London give me a shout! I'm always looking for inspiration and photoshoots to feature on my lifestyle blog :) xx


  14. Beautiful images... have a lovely weekend!

  15. such gorgeous photos! you capture light and life so well

  16. The light in these photographs is so pretty Laura. What time of day did you shoot these? I'll look back on these photos in the depths of winter and long for that amber, summery glow.
    That little frog is cute - I spotted one about his size on a path I was walking on but he hopped away before I could touch him. I like seeing little things like that!!

    I hope you're well,love. Your photographs are becoming sharper and you have a knack for colour. I can't think of anyone else who has your 'style'. I feel like I'd be able to have a good shot and picking out your photographs from a bunch of others!



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