Thursday, September 12, 2013

Time slowly ticks on,

On this particular day, I am sat at my desk watching the clouds float past in the sky. Somewhere far in the distance I hear the murmour of an ice cream van. The melody hits somewhere deep inside my mind and I am instantly thrown back to being 12 years old, running around on the grass feeling carefree. A sadness overcomes me and I find myself longing for a time machine to transport me back to those days.

Life has been consuming lately, I have been trying to find myself. Writing and photography have fallen down into an unseen part of my mind and all of the posts on this blog are a distant memory. I wrote my last post in a good place, but since then I am lost again.



  1. these pictures are beautiful (per usual, of course!) sending good thoughts your way, and i hope that you learn to love photography again, as something for yourself xx

  2. "Love is both an incredible thing, but also a harsh tragedy."

    Perfect wording. This is my life right now too. someone I love recently parted ways from me and it's really tearing me apart right now. It makes my entire body hurt sometimes, and other times it feels like a distant memory.

    Sending all of my love and good vibes your way.

    Tightrope to the Sun

  3. This is probably why I have such a hard time bonding with people now. So many times have I had to part ways with people and subsequently give up on hobbies and interests because they were intimately linked to them. It's a good way to reinvent yourself, though. Lots of love and support for you. x

  4. Your photos are so, so lovely, please never stop taking them! I hope you rekindle your love for it soon x


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