Sunday, September 15, 2013

Today is Sunday, a lovely one. I am refreshed and feeling positive. Today I hid my phone and everything has just been better. It's sad how much I have it clutched in my hand whatever I'm doing. I'm not sat waiting for his message, or wanting to message someone just for the sake of it.

The rain has been pouring and I've loved it, strangely. My sister and I chatted away in a coffee shop over a hot chocolate before running around outside as the droplets hit at our skin and drowned our hair. I felt myself laugh watching everyone around frantically race to shelters and I enjoyed the moment. I am also very happy to wear a big jumper and boots!

I drove to Leeds on Friday and met up with a long lost friend. We shopped and travelled to York on Saturday. It is now a city I love. Everything and everyone was so alive. I've never been in the middle of so many crowded people and felt completely at home. Around every corner was a different type of street artist. I stood watching a man escape from a chain, mesmerised, for half an hour. Three young guys were making music with their mouths and I was amazed. A brass band lit up the city with several tunes and I took a video with my phone to remind me later. All of the buildings were beautifully structured with smooth brick and perfect points.

Lately I've been looking at so much art and feeling inspired. I've made a promise to myself to share one of my paintings with you all shortly. I'm unaware if any of you enjoy art, but it makes me feel alive, and that's something I'd like everyone else to feel too.



  1. It feels so nice to read that you had a nice couple of days! I love the rain too. Sadly, I don't enjoy cold weather, winter and Christmas so much anymore because of my emetophobia, but I'm hoping to learn to like all this again soon. I wish we had more street artists where I live, it's so fascinating and heartwarming. x

  2. What wonderful pictures. I love towns like this that are ripe with creativity and passion. It makes it bloom inside yourself too. I can't wait to see your artwork. I adore art.

    Glad your days were so nice :)

    Tightrope to the Sun

  3. Such stunning pictures, you really have a way with that camera.
    I agree, I am feeling really happy about the incoming fall, give me boots and a jumper and I'm a happy gal !
    Love the post xoxo

    Madeline | Its a Mads Mads World

  4. I adore everything about this, the fact that you've found strength and happiness. Being an avid reader of yours I feel so happy knowing you're happy too!
    As always, beautiful pictures. Stay strong beautiful girl.


  5. I love York and I love your photographs!

    Lucy xo | We Resolve Blog


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