Friday, January 12, 2018

December '17

So I’ve decided to start a little diary roundup of our months at the end of each month. I take so many photos and sometimes I just don’t share them anywhere online. I want to be able to post my beautiful work and what better way than to start an online diary. I’ve attempted journal after journal but I’m too lazy to keep up with printing photos and writing in it!

Our December was magical and I don’t want to ever forget the little details. I want to be able to come back here and read about it, whether that's in 2 weeks time or 6 years time.

So, just like that December rolled around and we were putting Christmas trees up and dancing around the kitchen to Christmas songs. Oscar was loving picking out baubles and shouting ‘wow’ at every single decoration we found. We bought our matching Jammies for Christmas Eve and tried them on one night. The days were short: it got dark before 4pm and it was a struggle finding energy and motivation to do anything other than shop. Orders were flying in for my little business and I was trying to juggle work, Christmas shopping and looking after a toddler for the first time. We had rainy trips to the park and then one day we were greeted with a beautiful blanket of snow. It had arrived for December and it was so magical seeing all of the hills surrounding us covered in sparkling white. G had to work from home so Oscar and I had a little wander around our neighbourhood and it was his first time crunching through fresh snow. We had family walks and lots of (too many) takeaways because who wants to cook when all you can think is how much of a pig you’re going to be in a couple weeks anyway?

Somewhere in December Oscar developed a sudden fear of the dark and would spend an hour each nap and bed time screaming. Nothing we did would settle him and it really started to take it's toll. I longed for my good little boy back, to not have to listen to him screaming anymore. One night I couldn't do anything to settle him so made a decision to leave him to cry. It's something we've never done before and I said I'd never do. G was out so I was alone listening to him scream for 40 mins. It broke my heart and I cried for a while myself. 

Oscar had his first little Christmas party at playgroup and he hated Santa. He snatched his present but refused to sit next to him for a photo and cried when I tried to nudge him closer. Our activities dwindled as I started to craft and plan for his birthday. The weather dropped to minus 5 and I scoured the garden to take cuttings of foliage for our wreaths.

The night before his birthday we went on an evening drive to McDonalds which Oscar was far too excited about. He told the cars in front of us in the queue to ‘shoo’ so he could get his dinner quicker and in that moment we realised how grown up he was. The big day arrived and we woke Oscar with a bag of balloons. We hid his presents all around the house for a treasure hunt so as not to confuse his day with Christmas. In the afternoon all of our family and friends came round for a little party and we ate a lot. The next day we drove back to Manchester to go and see Dunham Massey’s Christmas lights. Oscar couldn’t stop screaming ‘Twinkles!’ and G and I couldn’t stop saying how amazing it was. We got fleeced £8.00 for the two smallest Hot Chocolates and I tried to take photos around the swarms of people.

The week before Christmas was a blur as everyone races around dropping presents and buying last minute sprouts for the big day. On Christmas Eve we jumped upon the box bandwagon and packed it full of little activities, hot chocolates, PJs and books. We spent the day painting baubles, decorating gingerbread houses, watching films, doing sticker books and generally eating like slobs. We had our annual tradition of making pizzas and then we blitzed the house before destroying it with talcum powder santa boot stencil prints.

In the morning we had to wake Oscar at 8am because we were far more excited for the day than he was. The Santa footprints scared him and he refused to come into the living room at first. After he’d been up an hour we started to realise that he wasn’t himself and had a bit of a temperature. We ploughed on anyway and went to G’s parents’ house. It was hot and full and Oscar chucked up a little so we had to dart home. He slept for 3 hours which meant we could crack on with prepping the dinner and then my mum and Karl arrived. The five of us had our best Christmas dinner to date and we fell into a food coma. Later in the evening G’s sister and family arrived and we played games, drank cocktails and ate too many cheese and biscuits. The Christmas limbo was mostly spent lounging and binging on Netflix since the sickness bug was doing it's rounds through the family (luckily we avoided it!) New Year came around far too quickly and we spent it binging on even more food and drinking a few too many cocktails. New Years Day we had a feast of a second turkey dinner and felt sorry for our hungover selves.

Despite it being back to reality on the 2nd January, we both felt so refreshed and motivated for the New Year. Long may it continue!


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  1. Oh Laura your photosgraphy is stunning!! Love everything from the compositions to the editing! Welcome back to the world of blogging!



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