Monday, March 26, 2018

February '18

It's almost the end of March as I'm writing my February roundup but I'm determined to stick to my New Years resolution. Plus February was such a great month! My birthday month. The month I hated before I met G, that I now love.

We were greeted with more snow for the third month running. The weather hardly changed from the minus temperatures and I longed for warmer days and sunshine. G brought flowers when he arrived home from work and we struggled to stick to our healthy eating.

The second weekend in February our friends came round to look after Oscar whilst we dressed up and went out to a party. It was our first night alone out of the house in around a year and it was nice to just have a drink and talk and laugh as normal adults instead of being mummy and daddy.

The days were still short so we built dens in the living room, took trips to the shops just to have a run around and let Oscar ponder through all of the toys. Valentines came around and we made a pact to not buy each other gifts just for the sake of it. Oscar and I spent the day making crafts and by evening G and I had a meal together and cuddled on the sofa whilst watching Netflix.

I started planning Oscar's bedroom makeover and felt motivated to get the house in good shape. Oscar turned into a devil and started throwing uncontrollable tantrums that almost reduced me to tears. I felt like I couldn't control him so I had a rant about it online. From then on, as if he'd heard me, he started to behave like himself again and I felt guilty. I told myself to be more patient with him.

The next weekend my best friend Aimee came to stay and we went out for dinner and cocktails. I asked her to be my maid of honour and she said yes(!!) so we celebrated that night whilst catching up on life. On Saturday we went shopping and watched The Greatest Showman before heading home and then out to another party with G and Oscar. We were all tired so came home early to eat chocolate and watch a chick flick. The next day we took Aimee to the station and let Oscar gaze at the trains in amazement as we said our goodbyes.

Thursday rolled around and G gave me a scroll with details of my birthday weekend in. I couldn't stop smiling. He went to work and that night we had a curry and watched more Netflix. On Friday we went out to a reservoir where we planned our first holiday, had lunch in a lovely pub overlooking the hills and then our friends came round in the evening and G cooked us all a lovely steak.

Saturday was my birthday and I woke up with cuddles and kisses and was spoilt with cards and gifts. I was smiling so much and it reminded me of how I was denied these birthday feelings for so many years of my life. G and Oscar went off to football and I found an envelope in front of the TV. G had left me a treasure hunt and as I followed it all around the house I was gifted a beautiful MacBook at the end - what a gem! I rang them with the biggest smile on my face and couldn't stop shaking my head in amazement. We spent the rest of the day lazing around before watching a movie on the living room floor with pizza and so many yummy treats.

Sunday came and we were off on a little road trip to Llandudno for the day - one of my favourite places. The skies were blue but the wind was so cold I could barely feel my legs. Oscar loved throwing the stones in the sea and running when it lapped at his feet. G was teaching him to throw whilst I explored the beauty with my camera. We had a quick trip into the arcade and Oscar refused to leave. Eventually we were on our way back to the car to set off for Chester where we were having a meal and staying in a hotel. We reminisced of our trips to Wales when we were younger and I felt so content in one of my favourite places. Oscar fell to sleep quickly that night and we cuddled in bed in the darkness watching 13 Reasons Why. It wasn't long before we were both asleep feeling wiped out from the sea air.

Our last day off together was spent swimming before heading home and meeting our friends in one of our favourite spots in Manchester. Oscar threw leaves and we all had a hot chocolate to warm our frosty hands and lips. I fell to sleep that night in a bubble of love, wonder, happiness. How did I get so lucky to meet someone like G? Someone who loves me and all of my (many) flaws. Someone who wants to help me wipe out my past by making the best memories to replace it.

The last week in February was a write off and we were fully snowed in for three days. Luckily we'd done a food shop on the Monday evening so we had enough bits in to last us. We played out in the snow making snowmen and having snowball fights. We tried to go for a walk but the storm got too bad and the winds were blowing hard. Oscar's cheeks turned bright pink and I could barely see through the snow whipping into my skin. The snow piled up in drifts blocking the roads and causing many crashes. We were happy to be tucked inside of our warm house admiring the snowy hills from our windows and eating all of the comfort food.


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